• 25 July 2017

Hadımköy Warehouse plants of Ekol Logistics has an approximate construction area of 40.000 m2 and as the first time in this sector, modern barcode system is used in this plant. As DOST İNŞAAT ve PROJE YÖNETİMİ A.Ş. (DOST CONSTRUCTION & PROJECT MANAGEMENT Co., ) all the fine structure and decoration Works of the plant and also the cafeteria with an approximate area of 500 m2 and the canteen area are constructed with a steel carrying system as a turn-key project. Loreal storage area is approximately 4.000 m2 and the steel construction production and all the fine structure and decoration Works are performed in 2003 as a turn-key Project. Without preventing the operation in the plant, new steel colon productions are performed for the existing colons as required by the Project, steel floor furnishings are constructed and required Office and service locations are developed. Also on the existing facade, independent administrative entry and loading ramps are opened for L’oreal and in the indoor areas, the relation with the storage areas of other companies are segregated by fire-resistant dividing panels. Besides a special sprinkler system, special units for explosive and flammable products are constructed in L’oreal Cosmetic Storage.

General Informations

ClientEkol Uluslararası Taşımacılık A.Ş.
LocationHadımköy - İstanbul
Total Construction Area40.000 m²
Date Of Work2001

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