Dost İnşaat is a strong and experienced company founded in 1993 in Istanbul and has provided engineering, architecture and construction business services in many fields such as hospitals, qualified residences, private villas, industrial buildings, administrative buildings and historical buildings, bank buildings, social facilities and shopping centers and has successfully completed many projects.

Our company, which has a young and dynamic organizational structure, is competent to realize all kinds of projects at different volume and features. Dost İnşaat, having succeeded in economizing without sacrificing the quality of projects, has wide knowledge and experience about the methods, regulations and products which are accepted according to the world standards and which catch the era.

Today, technology is at the center of all business processes and plays an important role at every stage of the process. Taking account of this, we follow the latest technological developments and apply them to all our business processes. All our business processes, is realized in electronic environment, data processing infrastructure of which is constantly renewed, and in a fast and highly secure manner. All kinds of technological development and facilities necessary to keep our service quality at the highest level are also quickly incorporated into our organization.

Dost İnşaat working in compliance with the ISO 9001: 2015 quality standard, has TÜRKAK accreditations.

Dost İnşaat will always pursue its efforts to create a safer, healthier and livable future respecting the nature and all beings in nature, knowing that future generations are entrusted to us.

With the hope of working together ...

Chairman of Board